Weekend is the time to relax and unwind after a hectic week of non-stop work, studies or household work. Work can often creep its way into the weekend as well in the form of telephone calls or emails to eat up a chunk of your big break. However, if a clear line is drawn between work and life, such hassles can be avoided. The next task is to decide on how you are going to spend this precious little time in the most effective way so that there’ll be enough ‘fun’ left in you to survive the coming week. Here are a few ways in which you might prefer to go about your two best days of the week.bars surry hills

Go on a trip

Take a trip to a place of your choice to enjoy some time close to nature with your family or friends. After being stuck at work for one whole week you deserve this kind of enjoyment. If it’s the family picnic experience you’re looking for, select a location such as the Sydney Royal National Park where the entire family can enjoy the breeze of the southern sea.

Head out with your friends

Call around at least a week earlier and ask your friends to keep their weekends free for a fun weekend. It can be a real uphill task to keep all your friends close to you with the hectic nature of your work life, however weekend is the best time to put it all aside and do some much needed catching up over some good old pub food in Sydney. Make it a point to make time for friends at least once every two weeks so that your valued friendships don’t just fade away.

Meet new and interesting individuals

The ability to open your mind to include new people into one’s life is considered as healthy behavior as this is a characteristic of an open-minded person who is flexible. Now that you and your high school friends are all busy with your own lives, you might not get to hangout as often as you used to. So make new friends at work, cafes, bars, and restaurants are some of the places you can head to after work to get to know them properly and enlarge your friend circle. 

Get physical!

Exercise is one of the most important thing needed for a healthy life and that may seem like the last thing you can allocate time for in your very busy schedule. Weekend is the best time for this and your weary body could certainly use some fitness to push through the coming years of commitments. Team up with your significant other or a friend and make it a habit to hit the gym, go for a run or a swim at least once every weekend. Remember that this weekend activity is not just fun, but also good for your health.