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Have you just recently welcomed a new family member? If so, accept my sincere and heartfelt congratulations on behalf of kateleephotography. The best newborn photography in Melbourne is provided to expectant parents by baby photographer kateleephotography. Carefully planned newborn photography sessions that are executed with safety and care result in lovely images for your home and a record of this important period in your life. We take great delight in providing our customers with a more natural style of newborn photography because it is one thing to shoot images but quite another to create art for our clients. We provide sessions for newborns, expectant mothers, and infants. Finding a baby photographer in Melbourne can be thrilling, but it can also be frightening at times if you don’t know what to look for beyond attractive photographs and prices.

Services for Baby & Newborn Photography

Our outstanding skill in handling and posing newborn children for photographs is evident in the calibre of her work. Katelee Photography places a lot of attention on the design consultation phase, which will give each client a custom look. This is made to ensure that you like each and every image of your brand-new child in your collection. Every family should have the chance to have treasured newborn photographic memories, and kateleephotography offers packages to fit every budget. An authorised professional photographer with a focus on newborn, maternity, and newborn photography in Melbourne and the surrounding areas is kateleephotography.

When to Schedule a Newborn Photo Session

Because the neonatal stage of life passes so fast, it’s crucial to time your baby photographs. While you are still pregnant is the best time to begin planning. Booking with kateleephotography before your pregnancy will ensure your baby photography in Melbourne, however waiting until after the baby is born may not always be an option. During this time, there is also a chance to gather concepts to help with the styling consultation process that will take place right before the session. The optimal time to take newborn photos is before the infant turns three weeks old.

Before it’s too late, seize this wonderful opportunity

You are currently watching the birth of your baby. For an infant, the postpartum period is characterised by a wide range of feelings and experiences. We’re here to help you hold on to everything, the good and the bad, your unwavering love for your family, and this trying but terribly brief time in your life.

How much does a newborn photographer in Melbourne charge?

Budget $542 on average for the photographer’s payment for a two-hour newborn photography session in Melbourne. An hour-long newborn photo session typically costs $339, while a four-hour session typically costs $949. Melbourne charges 13% more for newborn photographs than the national average. For newborn, baby, infant, and toddler photo sessions, the going rate is comparable.