Many people when visit Australia hear about drink driving cases but they are unaware of this term. Here we are discussing all about drink driving and how different behaviour change programs help the people suffering the trials come out of this issue. There are various behaviour change program drink driving that offer variety of services covering the recovery process and the legal formalities.

What is drink driving?

In Australia driving when you are drunk is strictly prohibited. The Government has prescribed a ratio of alcohol in your body, when it exceeds the person has to face penalties and trials. They either have to prove their innocence or undergo the recovery courses like drink drink driving course in frankston or Vic roads behaviour change program, and after that they have to face penalty or submit fine. In some cases it ends up in the disqualification of driving license. The authoritative bodies have different ways to check alcohol quantity in the body. The different ways to check the prescribed alcohol level in the body includes checking body weight, time elapsed since ingestion, and metabolism. If a person fails to give the specimen is also charged for drink driving conviction.

Why it is important to keep check on drink driving?

It is observed that most of the road accidents are caused by drink driving. Alcohol is known for its ability to slow down reaction processing and decision making in humans. On the other hand while driving a person needs to be fully focused and attentive to keep everyone safe. The accidents caused by drink driving not only harm the drunk person but also the neighbourhood and the people who were sharing the road with them. The behaviour change programs can help change their habit in time before it is too late and they get into any accident or are charged with a drink driving conviction. In Australia the police is authorized to stop any car and ask them to submit breath test. If a person fails to submit or the level of alcohol is observed higher than 0.05 per 100ml of blood, then the person is charged with drink driving case and he has to defend the charges against him.

Drink driving and penalties:

There is no second option in Australia, the driver either has to avoid drinking or they have to face penalties. They are also asked to take drink driving course Vic and behaviour change program drink driving, after completion of these courses successfully there is a chance that their disqualification period may be decreased to one fourth of the total period.

Most common penalties that are observed in case of drink driving conviction are fines, loss of license, and custodial sentence. Drivers having BAC level higher than 0.08 may face disqualification of license for 6 months and even for a year in serious cases.