When a child is born parents give all the attention to them till they are able to walk and speak because once they started talking and walking they can do their things by themselves if they want food they can ask for it and they can go and grab the food by themselves it is like they become self sufficient when they grow up and that is the age till five maybe or depends on the parents too how they are sensitive about their child but some of the children never grow up they need extra attention and the same attention since they are born because some of the children born with disabilities and some of the children become disable if an incident happen with them in both the cases such children always need extra attention and time because of their disabilities but as we all know we live in the era where everything is possible because of the technology and there are some vehicles which are specially made for the disable kids which include the disability trikes in australia, trikes give the sense of freedom to the disable kids because they can roam around and feel free.

Care and attention

Empathy and sympathy both are different things when you see the disabled child don’t sympathies them because it shattered the confidence and it makes them feels like they are less which shouldn’t be but you should treat them nicely so they can feel good, kids always need attention and they demand attention but the disable kids need more care and attention at the certain age because then they use to of it and you should teach them to be independent doesn’t matter they are disabled because you cannot be with them when they grow up but when they are growing up they need care and attention and that is the age when they learn things paediatric wheelchairs are for them they can roam around the house on the chair and do all the chores by themselves and nowadays we can see all the places have wheelchair boards so the people can do mobility easily.

Disable children need to learn some behaviour which is useful for them for their lifetime and many institutes do this because it is important to give confidence to the disabled child and they should know they are no less than any other child. If you are child is disabled and you are looking for disability trikes for your child you should visit the Step ahead paediatrics, they do not only have the disability trikes but they have also other things which might be helpful for your child.