These few tips are a great way to help the environment. You also get the added benefit of a healthier lifestyle.The first thing that a person notices in a home is the front lawn. Since “you will never get a second chance to make a great first impression” you might have to put a little more thought into the design of your front yard. To welcome your guests with the best impression, we have a few tricks upon our sleeve to create a great charming front lawn.

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The lawnHaving a great patch of green grass across the front is a nice way to say “ welcome to our lovely home!”. Everyone loves a bit of green around the house. So having the perfect grass is the first important choice you have to make. Select something simple and not hard to maintain. Some grass tend to grow fast and requires frequent trimming. It will be a nuisance. There are some grass which absorbs water more. This will make the area more moist and dirty. So, look around and select what best suits your climate. For example; buffalo grass misquote famous in Australia simply due to the convenience of maintaining them and due to the fact that it suits the Australian climate perfectly. So make sure you select the lawn that is better for your environment.FlowersAdding some pretty flowers to your front lawn is something very pleasant. After all, there is a reason why people tend to give bouquets of flowers on special occasions. Adding some color to your buffalo turf or lawn with some flowers like roses, petunia, orchids and more will bring the necessary brightness to the sparkling green. Add some scented flowers to make it even more magical. Your guests will love your space.Walkaway Separate the walking path from your lawn. Sounds a bit too obvious? Well, some tend to forget about it. You can add your own choice of cement or rocks or stones to decorate the pathway. Add a little border with a contrasting stone or brick. This will make it even more picturesque.LanternsIf you have a from patio, hang a lantern to two to brighten it up. It will give an elegant look to your home. But don’t add too many lightening. It will only make it fancier. Always go for a simple but charming look.These are just a few tricks we have. You can create your own ones using your creativity. But always make sure you keep the front area in a simple manner. After all, ‘Simplicity is the best policy’.